Sharknado 3 is going to be made

It was pretty ridiculous that some people made a movie about a tornado of sharks called Sharknado. It was pretty ridiculous that the movie was a success and popular enough to prompt them to make a second, this one taking place in New York City.

And if that wasn’t ridiculous enough, they’re apparently already planning on making a third one before “The Second One” has even came out. And yes, “The Second One” is the actual name of the sequel.

From Mashable:

Syfy confirmed to Mashable Wednesday that there will be a Sharknado 3, but have yet to release any further details on the film, including what city the sharks would be terrorizing. It’s slated to release in summer 2015.

I think they should choose a city that would be just as ridiculous as shark filled tornados hitting New York City, a city that doesn’t have tornados or shark attacks. What about Dallas, Texas. Or how about Chicago, Sharknado 3: Fresh Water.

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