The Ultimate Fighter 19, episode 3 recap: Daniel Spohn vs. Todd Monaghan

On episode three of “The Ultimate Fighter: Team Penn vs. Team Edgar,” B.J. Penn’s heavy-handed light heavyweight Daniel Spohn was looking to keep his knockout streak going when against Todd Monaghan of Team Edgar.

It was the first light heavyweight elimination bout of season 19.

To start off the show, Team Edgar got a visit by mixed martial arts legend Master Renzo Gracie, who was eager to teach his team some tricks to prepare for the remainder of the grueling process.

Back at the house, Monaghan gave the fellow TUF 19 fighters some insight about his Christian beliefs and his dedication to Christ which was followed by some of the cast members questioning his motives for being on the show.

Meanwhile on Team Penn, Spohn was looking to catch Monaghan off guard by relying on his wrestling and well-rounded ground game rather than the power striking that everyone had come to expect following his brutal knockout in his fight to get into the house.

Penn appeared to be a bit concerned about Spohn’s approach to the fight during warm ups. Spohn was simply sitting on his knees shadow boxing, while Monaghan was grunting in his locker room and throwing some heavy punches and kicks to the pads. Both men finally made their way to octagon, where we would learn who advances in the tournament and gets one step closer to the final.

Round 1: Spohn opened up with a quick one-two combination and took the fight to the mat just as Penn had suggested. While working from the half guard, Spohn was looking to isolate an arm and gain position for an arm triangle. While searching for the submission, Spohn easily stepped over Monaghan’s guard and into full mount. Frankie Edgar and Renzo Gracie were screaming instructions to Monaghan, who eventually got back to his feet. Spohn answered with another takedown. Monaghan was looking for a kimura from half guard, but Spohn responded with some hard punches and elbows to the body until he was able to work his way out of danger. Spohn jumped to Monaghan’s back and threatened for a rear-naked choke before transitioning in to an arm bar. Monaghan was able to pull out of the arm bar, but Spohn landed back on top in the half guard after a scramble. Spohn again worked for the arm triangle and passed into mount as the round came to an end.

Round 2: Monaghan came out swinging wildly at the start of the second round, and Spohn changed levels and quickly got the fight to the mat. Monaghan was able to force a scramble and briefly get back to his feet, before once again finding himself on his back. Monaghan was looking for a kimura to reverse position, but Spohn popped his head out and began circling Monaghan away from the cage. Both fighters were staying active on their back, before Spohn again transitioned to mount and continued searching for a submission. UFC president Dana White suggested the fight could be stood up, but Spohn was doing enough to stay active and remain in dominant position. Monaghan was getting desperate and attempted to scramble back to his feet, but Spohn ended up in side control before spinning to Monaghan’s back and threatening with a rear-naked choke until the final bell rang.

Result: Daniel Spohn def. Todd Monaghan via unanimous decision

Monaghan admitted that he wasn’t prepared for Spohn’s ground game, which was the deciding factor in the fight.

Team Penn remained in control, and B.J. Penn chose Tim Williams to take on Team Edgar’s Dhiego Lima.

“The Ultimate Fighter: Team Penn vs. Team Edgar” will return to the air next Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on FOX Sports 1.

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