F8 Conference unveils Facebook plans

At the now annual F8 Conference, Mark Zuckerburg blew the doors off of what Facebook has in store for its immediate future.  The social media juggernaut has continued to see rampant success and has made a habit of acquiring companies in recent months.

The F8 Conference’s sole target was the interaction between Facebook and the developers that use the platform.  Throughout the conference, a multitude of information was unveiled as to what is expected in the coming months.

The list of plans Zuckerburg debuted was quite impressive, and also quite an undertaking.  In the most concise way possible, the plans include:

  • FbStart Developer Tools
  • Audience Network
  • Mobile Like for third-party app
  • Local Datastore for offline app use
  • Two year stability and 48 hour bug fix
  • AppLinks
  • New Media APIs
  • Test Apps

Zuckerburg concluded the conference announcing that F8 would now be an annual event, something sure to be well received by developers on the platform.  To see the breakdown on what each of the new announcements means for developers, head over to the detailed information here.


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