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Kate Upton wants to give her butt the attention it deserves

Kate Upton is fantastic. No one is going to deny that. So, when Kate Upton goes on and has a photo shoot, we will all be paying attention. In her latest photo shoot in the Cook Islands with our friends at Sports Illustrated, Upton had plenty of fun and pranced around the beach posing for the cameras.

It was a great shoot of Upton, and the behind-the-scenes video was even more fascinating.

Upton took the opportunity to show off her great personality while joking around with the camera, and even vowed to get her butt “the attention it deserves.”

Who will complain about that?

You can check out a video of the latest Sports Illustrated shoot with Kate Upton — which made her say, “I feel like SI loves me again.” — and you can always visit SI Swimsuit Daily for more photos and videos of Upton and your favorite swimsuit models.

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