NBA Rumors: No team thinks Mike D'Antoni is good enough to hire as head coach

The Los Angeles Lakers have parted ways with Mike D’Antoni, but the choosing of D’Antoni himself, and it appears that he may not be getting a job again anytime soon. While he has bounced around major franchises like the Phoenix Suns, New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers, there is now a stigma attached to D’Antoni that he got lucky once in his career and has basically swindled teams out of money since.

According to Sean Deveney of The Sporting News, this seems to be the perception around the league and if it’s true, then D’Antoni can kiss his immediate NBA career goodbye.

It’s not completely fair to universally sack D’Antoni like this, but that’s what you get when you go into the two largest NBA markets in the world and belly flop both times. While it seems like gang mentality on D’Antoni, he’s had his chances and it’s not like he was demonized upon his arrivals. He earned that scarlet letter all on his own and now the stigma is his to bear.

He may eventually get a job again but we may very well see him jump to either television or college before an NBA team comes calling him again.

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