2014 NFL Mock Draft: Final Full Seven Rounds

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NFL Mock DraftWe are less than a week away from the 2014 NFL Draft, and the air is getting full of smoke as the May 8 date gets closer.

Teams are feeding false reports to the media while some teams are finding that their plans are being leaked by insiders. Players like Johnny Manziel, Mike Evans and Calvin Pryor are watching their stocks rise while Teddy Bridgewater and Blake Bortles are slipping.

What will the Houston Texans do with the first overall pick? What about with the 33rd overall pick? With that said, may I present, for the last time in 2014, my full seven-round NFL mock draft.

Seven rounds. 256 picks. Let’s go!

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  • Gioscianna

    I don’t think Bortles and Carr both make it out of the first round.

    • Mike Straw Jr.

      You’re likely right with that thought. I just went with a weird gut feeling that they slide…big time

  • Grammar NotZee

    247th pick belongs to Raiders. Your 5th round looks more like the 3rd round. Raiders won’t take 2 QBs and 2 OL after the free agency they had

  • Chad Engelby

    Here’s My Vikings Mock Draft 1(8) Justin Gilbert, 2(8) Kyle Van Noy,
    3(8) Zack Mettenberger, 3(32) Graig Loston, 4(8) Ego Ferguson, 5(8)
    Billy Turner, 6(8) Michael Sam 7(8)Anthony Steen.

    • Mike Straw Jr.

      8 may be too high for Gilbert. I even felt putting him at 10 was a bit too high. If the Vikings take Gilbert, it will be via a trade back

      • Dean Olson

        Don’t you figure it Gilbert is good enough to be the pick, and play at a high level, at 10, that he’s good enough for the pick at 8? I’m personally not a fan of Gilbert and actually think he’s third best behind Roby and Fuller, but I don’t see too much difference between 8/10, especially if the Vikings think the Lions will grab him.

        • Mike Straw Jr.

          I only had him at 10 because I feel the Lions will trade back to grab him, but I wasn’t doing trades for this draft.

          • Dean Olson

            Got it. Like the Bears’ picks though, I think Pryor has become the new Donald at 14. I’m fairly certain Donald goes top 12, most likely top 10. Can’t really see it any other way.

          • Dean Olson

            The only change is I think if Tuitt fell that far they might make a move to nab him, and I think Ward goes top 25.

          • Mike Straw Jr.

            I’m 50/50 on how I feel about Ward. As someone who covered the MAC the last 3 years, I’ve seen a lot of his games. Sometimes I feel he’s Top 20 pick material while at other times I feel he’s no better than a 3rd rd guy

  • Tim Ernst

    Good draft for the Packers. I just hope Terrence Brooks doesn’t go that high. I really want him to be our 2nd or 3rd round pick.

  • Justin Weishaar

    Well I respect your thoughts and efforts in your mock I respectfully disagree. I just dont see the vikings waiting till the 7th round to go qb. But for the sake of putting my mock where my mouth is. Feel free to attack my top 8. No where near your effoet. But different.
    1. Texans clowney.
    2. Rams. Robinson.
    3. Jags. Mack. Here is why. New jags coach is the former dc of seattle. He will follow petes model of build an overwhelming defense. Then go qb. Mack is even talked as the best player in some talks.
    4. Cleveland. Sammy watkins
    5. Oakland. Mike evans This one is tough. But the gm seems to be going win now. And evans sure would help schaub win some games
    6. Atlana. Mattews. Need to protect that qb. Tough defenses in that division
    7. Tampa. Barr. I dont buy this crap about thwm wanting johnny. Not for a second. You dont throw away the best qb of a class in glenon especially after one year. A year he played well in. Barr is a reach here but lovie loves molding lbs in blades of destruction and a staple of his d is lb power. He gets his lance briggs or brian urlacher here.
    8. Vikings johnny football. You can quote me on that

    • Mike Straw Jr.

      That’s not a bad top 8 at all. I’m personally not a fan of Barr at all. IMO he’s Aaron Maybin 2.0

      • Justin Weishaar

        At the end if the day I just see vikings going qb because most of the teams picking in the top 15 are the ones who reached on a qb in 2011. Which neans qb galore in the second. Vikings best chance at qb in at 8. A point your nock also shows. I just see us going johnny.

  • Jeff

    How did they go 7 rounds and not address the Broncos second biggest need? Denver needs a Center badly, Manny Ramirez was horrible last year and needs to go back to his natural position of guard.

  • clay

    You have Jawaun James being picked twice, to the Bills in the seond, and then again to the Skins in the 5th. Doo-Doo mock

  • vinnie12

    I sure hope you answer my post because this is the most weak pick Iv’e ever seen!

  • Firre Workcz

    Odd that of 9 picks, the Vikings came up with one project (Barr), zero starters, and, possibly, 4 players who even make the squad. Vikings won’t take a QB at 8 unless Manziel falls in their lap, but the GM will be fired at the end of the second day of drafting if they haven’t picked one up by then. Boyd actually has some upside but won’t last until the 7th round, in any case.

  • Philly Phanatic

    The Eagles not picking a Wr???? What a joke! Stick to Buffalo hockey pal.