Fan does Super Mario 64 remake

On the Nintendo 64, arguably Nintendo’s most successful console ever, few games were as monumental for the company as Super Mario 64.  Now thanks to YouTube user aryoksini, the game has been has been redesigned to an even further extent.

In his YouTube video, aroyksini describes being able to make Mario wall jump, long jump, and correctly shift his body weight as he changes directions.  Using the Blender Gamer Engine, it looks like a pretty accurate beginning and change to a juggernaut of gaming lore.

During the video, aroyksini mentions this is merely a graphical representation of the game he is trying to create and that it is not a finished product.  Albeit in its early stages, this video is an interesting look into the recreation of one of Mario’s best adventures.

Check it out and let us know if you would be on board with a remake of Super Mario 64.


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