Homer and Comic Book Guy in the 550th episode of "The Simpsons" entitled "Brick Like Me." Photo Credit: Fox

New Trailer for The Simpsons LEGO Spectacular ‘Brick Like Me’ (Video)

Everything is about to go to pieces on The Simpsons. Our favorite animated family is about to celebrate its 550th episode. In honor of this, the people at Fox are planning something really special for the fans. On May 4th, Fox will air The Simpsons LEGO Spectacular entitled Brick Like Me. Now, we have a look at a brand new trailer for the episode that has Homer stuck in quite an awkward situation.

When the new trailer starts, the Simpson family is sitting down to a nice and ordinary breakfast. Unfortunately, there is something very strange about the day.

Homer pays a visit to the Android’s Dungeon to pick up a game for Lisa. He asks Comic Book Guy for Perky Patty’s Princess Shop. I don’t know about you, but there is something slightly creepy about that.

When he touches the box, he suddenly sees things completely differently. The LEGO form that he is used to in the alternate reality seems to fade away as he sees himself and Lisa playing the game; however, they are in their non-brick form. As you can imagine, Homer is pretty creeped out.

This is only the beginning of the fun, but I think this is something that is better when you see it for yourself. Take a look at the new trailer for the upcoming Simpsons LEGO Spectacular “Brick Like Me.”

The Simpsons LEGO Spectacular is scheduled to air on Sunday, May 4th at 8:00 p.m. on Fox.

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