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Paramount will reboot Beverly Hills Cop in 2016 with Eddie Murphy


The chances of Axel Foley ever returning to the screen, big or otherwise, seemed pretty slim after CBS trashed plans to a produce a Beverly Hills Cop pilot episode and possibly a new series based on the 1980s super-hit starring Eddie Murphy.

But now all of a sudden Beverly Hills Cop is back on. And coming back to the big screen once again.

Deadline reports that Paramount now plans to reboot Beverly Hills Cop in 2016, with Eddie Murphy reprising the role that made him a mega-star.

The new movie will reportedly see Murphy’s wise-ass Axel Foley character returning to his Detroit roots.

In case you’ve forgotten or never knew, the original Beverly Hills Cop saw Foley leaving the mean streets of Detroit for the posh surroundings of Beverly Hills, where he found himself to be a real FISH OUT OF WATER.

Unfortunately, Brett Ratner is attached to the new movie as director. Maybe he and Eddie Murphy will have creative differences that force Ratner to quit.

Because Brett Ratner, as Abed Nadir would tell you, sucks the joy out of everything.

Given the track record of recent reboots, there’s little reason to have anything but low expectations for a new Beverly Hills Cop. But who knows. Maybe Eddie Murphy can bring back the magic.

They definitely have to go with the original theme song. That stuff still holds up.

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