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Town ends ban on arcade games

It may be a case of being just a little too late, but arcade games are finally coming back to a small town in Massachusetts.

Marshfield, MA banned coin-operated arcade games 32-years ago — the early boom period of the arcade — due to concerns that children would spend too much money at the facilities, and bring “undesirable elements” to the small town.

The law was challenged three separate times before the latest vote, being upheld in 1983, 1994 and 2011. It was eventually overturned thanks to a town majority vote of 203-175.

So, get your piggy banks, kids, because Pac-Man is coming back to the neighborhood riding his brand new used Excitebike.

Mike’s Musings: This is just one of those things where it would be more important if it were 1986. The fact the arcades, other than on popular boardwalks, barely exist anymore makes this overruling a moot point. That being said, it does bring back memories, even as a 90s child, of spending hours at the arcade as a young lad. 


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Source: Patriot Ledger

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