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Details on how the WWE will sign Bill Goldberg?

Well it appears that Bill Goldberg is interested in returning to the WWE. Which happens to be a surprise.

Goldberg originally left the WWE because he didn’t like the program that the company was putting on television. He was a family man and didn’t like how the company had half naked girls running around on television. Well now that the company has scrapped all of those ideas.

Now one man who has been thrown into this Goldberg rumor talk is Ryback. Fans have taunted him ever since he re-debuted and have chanted Bill’s name during Ryback’s matches. So with this rumor starting back up, how would the WWE bring him back on board with a company that he was unhappy with?

Well according to, the idea is to put Goldberg in WWE 2K15. Which doesn’t make sense because he’s already in 2K14. There could be a number of things the creative team has in store for Goldberg, but I highly doubt a run at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship is one of them.

I personally wouldn’t mind seeing a Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg WrestleMania rematch. Book it Vince, book it.

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