WWE Royal Rumble 2014 winner, Batista.

WWE rumors: Batista refused to job to Daniel Bryan at upcoming Payback event

Following the WWE Extreme Rules event this Sunday, it’s known that Batista will be taking a few weeks off to promote the release of his upcoming ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ movie.

How this effects the outcome of the Shield vs. Evolution match still remains to be seen, but we’re now learning that the Animal was slated to be around for Payback to face WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan, but according to a report from PWInsider.com, that plan was scrapped by Batista himself, who felt that losing to someone of Bryan’s size clean would hurt his credibility.

The original plans for Daniel Bryan were to face Batista at WWE Payback in June. Batista apparently turned that down, as he felt losing to someone so small would not help him be remembered when he returns to the company. He also felt that it would not be good for his movie promotions.

First off, this makes no sense whatsoever because, at WrestleMania, Batista was the one who took the final fall, tapping out to the Yes Lock to give Bryan his title victory. So I’m not really sure how much one more loss would really hurt him, but this is Batista we’re talking about who it seems at times tends to forget that the show is scripted.

Secondly, and most importantly, why is he worried about his “return” to the company when he himself knows that, in the end, no one would more than likely care less if he did come back.

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  • Josh

    I actually started watching WWE because he came back. So your no one cares that he came back is quite ignorant. I agree with Batista he probably didn’t know he would have to lose again to DB for the title after having to lose at WM so he didn’t want to deal with it. He was scheduled to win at WM30 but the plans changed because of the reception he got after winning RR. Personally it is pretty dumb seeing someone DB size beating people like Batista who can literally just man handle him. I’d prefer seeing Dave as champion since he makes better promos when he is. DB should be facing people like Cm Punk or Kofi Kingston. His move set is so bland with mostly just kicks and no suplex at all since he can hardly lift anyone. This is DB in the ring. Start match, get dominated, come back with a drop kick, kick the guy in the chest, runs to the corner, runs at the guy whos in the corner and kicks him, does it again, other wrestler roles out of ring, DB jumps through the ropes out of the ring, Yes chants, gets in the ring, gets dominated, does a fly knee and wins. I’m surprised people still enjoy watching this at all. I understand the underdog story but hes not an underdog anymore which is just plain boring.

    • 2winz

      @Josh, that is the worst logic I have ever heard. you could say the same thing about any wrestler.. its called their style? take kurt angle for example.. I guess by your logic, you think Kurt isn’t a good wrestler either.. “Oh Kurt Angle doesn’t know how to wrestle, all he does is suplex everyone around, attack the leg/feet and go for the ankle lock, or win with angle slam” give me a break, they all had their set of moves that were popular with the crowd. Stone cold had his stomping a mudhole and stonecold stunner. ric flair had the chops and attacking the leg to setup for the figure 4, the rock would smack ppl around, spinebuster or rock bottom, peoples elbow, win. oh but they were not good wrestlers were they? Daniel Bryan has plenty of moves in the ring, and plenty of talent, hes a good wrestler for this era. I think there are plenty of stars worthy of the title and maybe you would like to see someone else be champ and thats fair but since the title means more now to whoever wins it, I think there will be many stars that will be right up there with Daniel bryan so that we don’t go through the same problems wwe universe had when John Cena was forced on everyone

      • Josh

        Kurt Angle is the definition of wrestling. You toss each other around and be physical. Those move sets you mentioned were basically all finishers. That’s completely different then their whole style of wrestling. I don’t care that DB has running knee or that submission. It’s just the majority of his move sets are kicks which doesn’t fit in with wrestling. Also how you say DB is not a “good” wrestler. Hes average. The only reason he has a shot at the title is because of him having an underdog story similar to Rey otherwise he would be sitting in mid cards like he was before his push. It has nothing to do with his wrestling skills otherwise he would have been noticed long time ago since he is basically doing the same move sets. Someone like Chris Benoit was acknowledged because of his wrestling skills not a scripted story line that had fans all over him.

        • 2winz

          how does his kicks not fit in with todays wrestling? ric flair would just chop people and he is one of the most popular wrestlers, hes a legend and hall of famer, 16x world champ, so whats wrong with the kicks? i am not much of a daniel bryan fan, I think he was entertaining during his time with kane and when he was a heel, but not so much now, I agree that its dumb seeing people his size beating bigger people but people love underdog stories. My thing is that I just disagree with you and others who use that “this is all he does” argument. its a weak argument to make because you could literally make that argument for any wrestler.. Sheamus, Randy Orton, John Cena, Batista, so on and so forth.

          • Josh

            I wouldn’t say it’s all he does argument. I am just trying to say that his move set is bland and boring. Cm Punk also uses kicks in his move set but hes got much more variety than just kicks unlike DB. I would like to see something different come out of him once in a while you know. I don’t have a problem with DB I have an issue with a lot of wrestlers who have the same old moves like Cena. Also Batista has been adding new moves to his set recently. Like him bringing people to the side of ring and elbowing them, spinning elbow (he added last week), and he changed his ground game a bit but yeah you can make an argument with every wrestler but those moves those guys you mentioned are much more realistic when it comes to hurting your opponent unlike kicking. Basically what I am trying to say is I don’t think DB is as good as a wrestler as others think. Sure DB is the most popular as of now and is on top but that’s not because of his wrestling like others say. You can’t say it his wrestling when hes been wrestling the similar style since ROH and yet he was unknown. The only reason he has this attention right now is because of the underdog story. THE ONLY REASON otherwise he would have been known a year or 2 ago which he wasn’t. I mean hes been in the business for 5 years yet he just got noticed after getting a massive push by WWE and happened to have a gimmick that worked with the fans. Most fans chant “Yes” now people they believe it gives them some power to tell WWE to do things a certain way they want. Such as the “We the People” gimmick. More people are doing it because of that reason. Also not to say that there’s people who do like DB because of his wrestling there are for sure but not the majority that you see chanting his name aren’t because of his wrestling.

          • 2winz

            well what if I told you another wrestler named “Stone Cold Steve Austin” also took a while before he found his place in the wwe. He wasn’t quite as popular until his rivalry with Vince McMahon and that really got his career launching. I guess you could say that hey, the only reason he got attention was because he crossed the boss. Maybe the same is happening for Daniel Bryan in a sense, who knows. Sometimes, they just don’t know what to do with a superstar with talent and it takes a while before they really get over. Daniel always had a way with the crowd, and I think he has talent but honestly, I think he should be a heel cuz hes just more entertaining that way. I remember when he’d come out screaming no at the fans while they chanted yes.. the anger management was classic, and when it comes to the ring and story telling.. I’d rather see a 5’8 (or however tall he is) man think hes all that and be a annoying troll (like when he had the rivalry with big show and mark henry) over this underdog story cuz as you said, Rey was the ultimate underdog and while its nice once in a while to have an underdog reach the mountain, theres only so many times you can be an underdog (cough cough* John Cena) before it gets old. So I agree with you there but I think Daniel has more moves in his disposal because while he does the kicks and all that, (and I agree with you on the kicks part) there are moves he’s done in the past that he doesn’t do quite as often nowadays and so I know he has plenty of moves

  • Eric

    I don’t blame Batista for refusing to go down to Daniel Bryan at payback if the rumors is to be true. I still don’t get it why wwe want Bryan to defeat the big guys anytime he faces them in my opinion it doesn’t make sense to me regardless his popularity. Wwe needs Bryan to defend his title with guys like fandango, axel, punk, Kingston, miz, Zigler and others with his size don’t get me wrong they’re all very very good wrestlers like him and that’s why he needs to defend his title among them and not people like, Batista, Orton, Cena , Kane, ryback, and big show. I rest my case.

  • Steve

    Same here. Kinda tired of these websites knocking Dave every other day. I honestly don’t think Batista will ever be favored by a wwe audience again since they all seem to hold grudges like giving rey mysterio a hard time ever since he entered number 30 in the RR and not DB. But can hope that he does.

  • Lillian Santana

    I don’t blame Batista why should he lose to a overrated goat that can’t wrestle

    • MattMUFC94

      If you think Daniel bryan can’t wrestle you need to be taken to a mental institute

    • El_Cabron_Puto27

      It’s funny how wrestling fans cheer for an underdog, but when he becomes #1, fans start trash talking him, saying he’s overrated or he can’t wrestle… Just be happy John Cena is not the champion…

      • Taker

        John cena is way better than Daniel Bryan and if he went back to his ways when he was facing edge in 06 he would be back on top

    • jjstubbz

      You look like a goat too

  • jokercop31

    Batista is an idiot. I guess he and everyone else forgot about him crying in the middle of the ring and quitting after losing to eddie guerero. People he quit because he didnt get his way. Sure batista will be remembered. He paved the way for people to just pout and quit when they dont get their way.

  • Jose Zarate

    Batista took punks spot winning the rumble…anyone feel like ziggler should get a shot.

  • gu luton

    Batista did the right thing. Daniel bryan sucs.

  • Guest

    Batista did the right thing. Daniel bryan is x division champ.

  • Taker

    I think the wwe universe is stupid because you cheer clowns like Daniel Bryan and the uso brothers thats ridiculous Roman reigns batista John cena and Randy orton are the only good ones ryback too

  • jjstubbz

    How about bootista doesnt come back. Second tapping out to DB is the best thing hes done in the past 5 yrs