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Cincinnati Enquirer depicts Reds as Star Wars characters for Star Wars Day


Everyone wants to get in on the Star Wars Day action. Including the Cincinnati Enquirer who had some fun with it by creating a cartoon depicting the Reds as Star Wars characters.



Brandon Phillips is R2D2? Oh I get it, cause he won’t talk to the media. He’s like a droid that can’t talk.

Sort of passive-aggressive there, Cincinnati Enquirer. Nice job though. Phillips had it coming. And what do you care if he gets mad? He already won’t talk to you.

Yes, that’s the Cardinals’ Yadier Molina as Darth Vader. And Bud Selig as the Emperor.

Dusty Baker as Jabba the Hutt would have been a funny move but I guess they didn’t want to rip open that particular wound.

The best thing about that cartoon? No Ewoks.

Star Wars is always better without Ewoks.

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