Dec 15, 2013; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wallace (11) scores a touchdown against the New England Patriots in the first half of the game at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Rumors: Some Dolphins players don't believe coaches like Mike Wallace?

After a handful of successful seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Mike Wallace made his way to the Miami Dolphins where he was expected to be the Pro Bowl wide receiver they desperately needed.

Sadly, Wallace’s first season with Miami was forgettable and the offseason has been filled with trade rumors. But if the Philadelphia Eagles struggled to trade DeSean Jackson and his contract, the Dolphins will certainly encounter the same issues making such a move unlikely.

That said, some Dolphins players don’t feel as if members of the coaching staff are big fans of Wallace.

Several Dolphins have wondered among themselves why Miami has been looking so closely at first- and second-round receivers, and their suspicion is that the Dolphins want to replace Mike Wallace in a year or so. Several players believe some of these coaches aren’t big fans of Wallace, and “Joe Philbin is running that place,” one prominent agent said.

Miami has reportedly been scouting wide receivers hard in anticipation of the 2014 NFL Draft and could already be looking to replace the veteran wideout.

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  • Johnny

    Well… I don’t like Wallace either..
    He doesn’t fight for the ball in the air.. If it’s not a perfect pass, he doesn’t make the catch.. Under thrown balls, he doesn’t come back for it, or even try to draw a pass interference… He lacks size.. And he lacks effort… Too bad we can’t get rid of him due to his ridiculous contract.. Too much dead money.. THANKYOU for the parting gift Ireland!!

    • lambnation

      They didnit this way because if he didnt work out after 2 years we can cut or trade him. It was a great structure. His cap number doesnt hurt us at all. On top of that hes a top 25 reciever so he is someone people have to game plan for. So he didnt work year 1, maybe he will do enough this year to create trade bait for next year.

    • MiamiGoon

      Yea this is my problem with him. If he works harder on winning 50/50 balls , then I want him to stay, if he plays how he did last year, he is not worth the money. He makes his QB look bad, he never makes a play, it has to be in his hands and then he still drops some of those too.

      • Johnny

        You got what I’m saying bro… I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees it.. Most people defend Wallace because their fans… I tell it how I see it.. in my opinion..

  • Bryce

    He will be fine. Next year is proving time. Develop a line and watch rbs, WRs, and QB improve.

  • Ali Pendier

    The GM is looking at top draft WRs simply because 3 of his current WRs are coming off leg injuries plain and simple, more than likely has nothing whatsoever to do with Wallace.

    Philbin and his underachieving staff (Lazor exempted) should look in the mirror and find ways to utilize Wallace’s VERY UNIQUE skill set, rather than worry or complain about s inabilities.