May 3, 2014; Louisville, KY, USA; California Chrome jockey Victor Espinoza (middle) celebrates in the winner

Seinfeld and Kentucky Derby mash-up for huge Twitter trend

The Kentucky Derby might be what’s known as The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports”, but after yesterday’s win by California Chrome, the Derby madness went on for hours on Twitter.

As often happens, a hashtag got started — probably just out of silliness — and caught on like wildfire. If you spent anytime on the Twitterverse at all last night, your timeline was probably peppered with #SeinfeldDerbyNames posts.

Users took to the creative side of their brains, and thought up fictional names of race horses using characters, episode names, quotes and various quips from the sitcom.

Below are some great examples.

How about some using some of the more recognizable lines from the show…





Then there were a few more obscure entires…for the truly discerning Seinfeld fan





There were some who even delved into dark territories…





I threw in an entry or two of my own…




And nothing Seinfeld would be complete without the inevitable…



And this is just the tip of the iceberg…the tweets went on well into the night and still continue this morning. Just click the hashtag if your day gets boring at any point.


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