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SNL: Andrew Garfield pays the penalty for dissing Beyonce in 'The Beygency' (Video)


Solid fake movie trailer from last night’s Saturday Night Live.

Andrew Garfield is a regular mild-mannered guy who makes one little innocent mistake.

He admits not liking a Beyonce song.

His seemingly innocuous error causes his world to be torn apart like in a terrible gimmicky March-release movie thriller.



The Kiefer Sutherland cameo is golden. And way better than his appearance in Pompeii.

Seriously Kiefer Sutherland, stick to Jack Bauer and SNL cameos. You are no Joaquin Phoenix.

And it’s nice to see The Adjustment Bureau getting a little run in a parody. I knew that movie must have penetrated some level of the pop culture sub-conscious. Way way down where only the most forgettable movies go.

Finally, The Adjustment Bureau surfaces as the cheesy inspiration for a half-amusing SNL fake trailer.

It was only a matter of time.

But now we need to talk about this over-sensitivity to dissing Beyonce.

At the risk of being pursued by fedora-clad secret agents from another dimension or whatever…Beyonce really does suck.

Can’t we all just come to grips with that? Together? As a society?

Get it out there once and for all and just…address it?

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