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WWE Extreme Rules 2014: Triple H, Seth Rollins take shots at each other on twitter

At the Extreme Rules special event on Sunday night, in what should be the main event of the evening, we will get a battle between two of the most well-known factions in WWE history as the Shield takes on the reunited Evolution. Well in preparation of the showdown on Sunday, one of the Shield’s members, Seth Rollins, decided to fire a social media shot at Evolution leader, HHH, on twitter.

Not to be outdone, the Cerebral Assassin immediately fired back with a subtle reference to that fact that he’s not just a participant in the match tonight, but he’s the boss of the entire company as well.

While there might be some that are angered over the fact that the WWE title match more than likely won’t be on last Sunday night, you can make a solid case for these two factions taking center stage at the end of the night as the build has been somewhat tremendous over the past few weeks, and this above interaction only solidifies that sentiment.

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