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Brendan Rodgers confident Liverpool can catch Manchester City

If Liverpool and Manchester City both win out their final games, they’d be tied for the same point total atop the table. As it stands today, Manchester City would win the Premier League title and break the tie with a better goal differential, a nine-goal lead in that category.

That leaves most Liverpool fans hoping for City to stumble, but Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers thinks Liverpool can score goals and catch City in the differential.

“If there is any team that can score goals and turn it around, it will be us,” Rodgers said, via ESPN FC.

“That will be our aim. We aim to score goals and be defensively strong.”

The problem for Liverpool is that they’re defense hasn’t been the best, and a lot of games they’ve won came from simply outscoring opponents. They’re final two games come against Crystal Palace and Newcastle United, but of whom have a goal differential of -15.

Rodgers cited Chelsea’s high scoring game to win the title in the 2010 season as evidence that it is possible.

“I have seen it before. Chelsea beat Wigan 8-0 in the last game of the season,” Rodgers said.

“I am not paying any disrespect to Newcastle at all — but what we are saying is if there is a team that has shown it can score goals, it is us.

“We are not a 1-0 team. That is what gives us the chance. It’s the team that scores the goals that will win.

“Manchester City won the league on goals scored a couple of years ago. That’s why, when I came in here, I spoke about a team that could score goals because ultimately that is what it could come down to.

“We scored 47 goals in the first year I was here and now we have 96. That is what gives us the chance. We could sit and get the team to defend and not want to score but ultimately it’s the team that scores the goals that will win.”

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