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Epic Rap Battles of History: Rick Grimes vs Walter White (video)

Epic Rap Battles of History. One of the greatest things about YouTube that puts famous people from Presidents/political figures, to video game/movie characters, musicians, athletes, etc. head to head in a two-three minute rap battle.

ERBoH was written and created by Peter “Nice Peter” Shukoff and Lloyd “EpicLLOYD” Alquist. The two have brought some of the greatest YouTube/Social Media personalities together to portray certain characters. Sometime’s it’ll be just Peter and Lloyd doing the acting themselves, but they almost always have special guest appearances.

Now they haven’t released a video in awhile but were finally able to give us our fix today with two huge characters. You have Rick Grimes (Nice Peter) from The Walking Dead going up against Walter White (Epic Lloyd) from Breaking Bad.

These two AMC characters go head to head in a massive rap battle that rivals both Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. Maybe not, but it’s pretty huge.

A lot of us fans have been wanting to see this match up for awhile now. It’ll be interesting to see who they will pick next, but I would personally like to see Dexter Morgan against Hannibal Lector. Or Katniss Everdeen vs Black Widow.

Here’s the video that was uploaded today by Epic Rap Battles:

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