Former American Idol winner Scotty McCreery. Photo Credit: VoxMagazine

Former American Idol winner Scotty McCreery held at gunpoint

Former American Idol winner and country star Scotty McCreery almost started off Cinco De Mayo with a bang. Literally.

According to, McCreery and several of his friends were held up at gunpoint at an apartment in North Carolina. Apparently three men broke into the apartment just before 2 a.m. when Scotty was visiting with friends.

The 20 year old Country recording artist is still attending college at North Carolina State and juggling his music career at the same time. The website also notes that the three men who were holding McCreery and company at gunpoint were able to get away with not only their wallets but cellphones as well.

“All you heard was yelling like, ‘Who are you?’ What are you doing here?’ for a good five minutes” A woman told reporters via Taste of Country.

Right now they have no information on who was involved, so no one has been arrested just yet. But this is a crazy way to start off your Monday. At least he’s not drag racing, crashing cars and getting arrested like a certain R&B sensation most of us dislike.

The young McCreery is currently scheduled to appear in Bakersfield, California to continue his ‘See You Tonight’ tour on May 9. He returns to North Carolina on May 31. I wonder if he’s going to have extra security with him this time around.

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