No pre-download option for MLB 14 The Show on PlayStation 4

Tomorrow marks what will be one of the biggest releases on the Playstation 4.  As Sony unveils its masterpiece baseball game, MLB 14 The Show, on its next-gen system.  Unfortunately for gamers, The Show won’t have the option to pre-download the game.

MLB 14 pre order

Initially thought to be a possibility, it is now known that The Show will be available via a Day 1 download.  Starting at 12:01 am EST on May 6, 2014, The Show will become downloaded from the Playstation Store.  While the gaming can be preordered, nothing will take place in terms of content being downloaded until May 6 hits.

The unfortunate news for gamers comes by way of not being able to step into the batters box at 12:01, but the preorder download ability still represents what is likely the fastest way to obtain the game.  With everyone from Amazon (skin for controller) to Gamestop ($19.99 in game currency) offering preorder bonuses for The Show, gamers have plenty of different avenues and choices to take.

How excited are you for tomorrow?  What game mode are you looking to play first?  Who is your favorite team?  Let us know!


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