WWE RAW results: Ryback defeats Cody Rhodes



In the 9 o’clock match of the evening on RAW Monday night, Cody Rhodes took on Ryback in a singles contest to keep the feud between the Rhodes brothers and RybAxel going for a bit longer–as well as the potential Rhodes split down the road.

And that’s exactly what happened in this one.

Here are the highlights of the match from the FanSided live RAW blog.

Ryback vs. Cody Rhodes

Cody gets the match off to a quick start by sending Ryback to the outside early. Eventually, the tables get turned and Ryback gets back on top and works Cody over in the middle of the ring.

Ryback keeps the offense going for a while until Cody gets back into it with some stiff elbow shots, clotheslines and a nice counter.

Rhodes hits the disaster kick but Goldust and Axel go at it on the outside, knocking Cody off the top rope. Ryback takes advantage and gets the win.

It wasn’t a long segment by any means, but it did just enough to keep the feud going strong. On the outside, Axel knocking Goldust into the post while Cody was ready to hit a maneuver from the top rope is another good way to tease a future break up.


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