WWE Superstars Daniel Bryan and Kane. Photo Credit: BleacherReport

WWE Rumors: Buried Alive next for Daniel Bryan and Kane?

Last night’s Extreme Rules match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship between Daniel Bryan and Kane was absolutely amazing. There’s no doubt that this was the perfect pay-per-view card to follow up an amazing WrestleMania.

But will this be the last time that we see Kane and Daniel Bryan in the same ring for both major championships? No. The ending of last night’s match is definitely a set up for WWE Payback. Payback will be live from Chicago, Illinois.

Yes, CM Punk’s home town and I’m hoping to be there that night.

Now according to NoDQ.com, there is a possibility that the WWE will book Daniel Bryan and Kane yet again for the pay-per-view event in Chicago but this time in a Buried Alive match. This is a match that Kane is very familiar with, one time he even interfered in one and buried his brother (The Undertaker) alive.

A Buried Alive match involving these two Superstars would be fantastic to see. There’s no way the company will remove the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from Daniel Bryan this early, so everybody should expect the leader of the ‘Yes!’ movement to walk away from Payback as the champion.

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