WWE Superstar Rob Van Dam hitting Five Star Frog Splash on Damien Sandow. Photo Credit: WWE.com

WWE's RVD suffers minor injuries during Extreme Rules

Last night’s WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view proved to be one of the greatest post-WrestleMania events in the history of the company.

This card was stacked with great matches from the pre-show to the main event. The event got off to a great start with Rob Van Dam, Cesaro and Jack Swagger squaring off in a triple threat elimination match. This match featured one former Paul Heyman guy, a current and former tag partners.

It was a great match to start off the event as The King of Swing was able to pull of the victory. What resulted in a great match, turned out to be another painful experience for Rob Van Dam. RVD suffered some bruising and swelling along with a cut on his cheek after that missed Five Star Frog Splash on Cesaro according to NoDQ.com.

RVD laid the trash can on Cesaro’s head and took to the turnbuckle. It was a bump that almost every member of the WWE Universe saw coming but no one expected him to land face first on the caved in/bent object. I knew immediately something was wrong after he quickly grabbed his face.

After the match, the camera’s caught RVD’s face that had some blood on the right side of it.

He’s obviously been through worse, so I doubt it will stop him from competing tonight. That’s if he’s scheduled.

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