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Joe Girardi loses his mind at home plate umpire Laz Diaz (GIF)

Major League Baseball has placed significant limitations on managers when it comes to arguments with umpires with the implementation of replay this season. That’s not going to stop certain managers from melting down over balls and strikes, however.

With that in mind, please observe Joe Girardi absolutely losing his mind at home plate umpire Laz Diaz over a called strike. Locked up in a tight game in Los Angeles against the Angels, the Yankees had Brett Gardner up with traffic on the bases. Strike one to Gardner looked low, an opinion Girardi expressed from the dugout.

Diaz ran him for chirping, and the following outburst ensued.


It can reasonably be argued that it is incumbent on the umpire to defuse these situations, something Diaz failed to do. Then again, I cannot imagine any of us would appreciate being yelled at like that.

And it’s not as if Diaz made a big show of it when he tossed Girardi to aggravate the situation.


…oh. Well, it’s like I’ve always said: night after night people tune in so that they can watch Laz Diaz umpire games. Laz Diaz gave the people what they want.

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