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Pittsburgh Pirates walk off on crazy sequence, overturned call at home (Video)

The walk-off overturned call. Catch the fever.

I’ll say this: if you heard that the Pittsburgh Pirates earned a walk-off victory over the San Francisco Giants because of an overturned call at the plate, you might be inclined to think that it was an uneventful, anti-climactic ending. Not so, as you will see in the zany sequence below on Starling Marte‘s at-bat in the bottom of the 9th inning.

I suppose that this was what it would take to stop the red-hot Giants: a crazy play, an overthrow, and an overturned call at the plate where they originally thought they had sent the game to extra innings.

Also, hat’s off to Marte for his wheels to create the havoc in the first place and for the world class slide at the plate to get in there. This ought to cue up those in favor of replay to point to a game-deciding play and point out the importance of getting it right…and those people would be correct in their assessment.

Viva la replay! 

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