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Six voters didn’t choose Kevin Durant for NBA’s 2014 MVP

Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant was named as the 2014 NBA Most Valuable Player today, but there were a handful of voters who disagreed.

Rarely are votes for awards like Most Valuable Player unanimous, but rarely have players had a season as great as Kevin Durant where even the reigning MVP — in this case, LeBron James –  says he should get the award.

Via, there were six voters in this year’s balloting who chose LeBron over Durant as their pick for MVP

  • Steve Holman of Hawks Radio Network
  • Cedric Maxwell, a former NBA star who now calls Celtics games for WEEI in Boston.
  • Grant Napier, the Kings play-by-play announcer
  • Bob Fitzgerald, the Warriors play-by-play announcer
  • Bill Land, the Spurs play-by-play announcer
  • Al McCoy, the Suns play-by-play announcers

It should be no surprise that voters with connections to the Warriors, Kings, Spurs and Suns would want to push Durant to the side. It can only be assumed that Holman and Maxwell didn’t see enough of the West Coast games.

All of the voters placed Durant second on their ballots.

Interesting to note, Durant’s team, the Oklahoma City Thunder, had five more regular season wins than the Heat, and Durant had better numbers in terms of  points, rebounds and player efficiency rating than LeBron.


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  • Real M-Fing talk !!!

    I would like to be the first person to congratulate Durant Lebron on winning his 6th MVP, yes i said 6th, history will no doubt get it wrong but those who watched the games will get it right !!! and who has more impact on a game than Lebron and MVP is all about impact Although one of his MVP is in the home of a soft girl scout cookie selling quitter with the heart of a Pillsbury doughboy boy and the toughness of rose petals and his other MVP will be given to a volume shooting, phantom foul getting 10 plus free throws a game from the refs so the NBA has another player to market, ignoring the fact he hides on defense, has little to no impact on the game if he is not hitting shots and does not make his teammates better…. those six voters got it right, they seem to be only 6 bright enough to really see through the hype….after OKC is eliminated in the post season, I promise that you will not hear those 6 voters making excuses for Durant, placing the blame on Brooks and Westbrook… the MVP should be about marketing your best player, if you exchange Lebron for any team’s starting small forward in this years playoffs – Atlanta included that team at least makes the finals, you cannot say that about Durant.

    if the NBA wants to get together and give Durant some sort of gold star big boy award for being the best player on his team i am fine with that, but the MVP is mans award, Steve Nash aside, getting the award for running up and down the court “really fast” and the G.M. not bright enough to have a back up at the point guard position when your teams success is based on the “play of your point guard”… Steve in my eyes was still that guy on the brench in Dallas at crunch time, because you are in a system that agrees with your skill set does NOT make you the leagues MVP !!!… its all about league impact…. watch the Clippers, OKC’s next game the announcers will get in as many MVP references as possible before tip off because once the game starts if they keep referring to Durant as league’s MVP they would look stupid, please tune them out once they start talking down to you, by referring stats like 40 games of 25+ points…. blah, blah, blah… Durant takes 21 shots, 10 free throws a games, he should be getting 25+ points a game !!!… Durant needed 400 more shots to get 82 more buckets than lebron a player who leads his team in points, rebounds, assist and is his teams best defender, if that’s not what a MVP is , then tell me what is a MVP?