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TaylorMade Product Unveiling at Omni La Costa in Carlsbad, CA. Photo Credit: Bernie D'Amato -

TaylorMade Golf offering 1,500 "Distance for All" events featuring new line of SLDR equipment


TaylorMade Golf is offering 1,500 “Distance for All” events from now through August to give golfers nationwide an opportunity to test their new line of SLDR S metalwoods/Rescue, SLDR irons, and SLDR mini driver.  For anyone looking to gain distance without sacrificing feel and consistency, I would recommend attending one of these events to test TaylorMade’s new equipment.

The SLDR mini driver is the type of club no one currently has in their bag.  It will be offered in 12, 14, and 16 degree lofts, and has a 260 cc head, which is about 100 cc’s larger than a three-wood.  The mini also has a deeper face and shorter shaft than a three-wood for added forgiveness and control, respectively.

Similar to a hybrid, the mini driver is a versatile club built for accuracy off the tee, and distance off the fairway.  While testing the 12-degree mini, I found the distance off the tee was also impressive (about 10 to 15 yards longer than a three-wood), and the control should help increase the confidence level of those who struggle with a driver off the tee box.

Make sure to try the mini driver at a “Distance for All” event near you.

Information on the SLDR S Driver.

Information on the SLDR Irons.

View of the mini driver at address:




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