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Photo: Custom gold OVOXO iPhone created for Johnny Manziel

Quarterback Johnny Manziel is a polarizing figure for any number of reasons. While we wait to see which team drafts Manziel in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft, there is no need at this point to recap the many different reasons that some people love Manziel and some cannot stand him.

Worth mentioning in this case, however, is the fact that many people do not care for the level of celebrity Manziel enjoys before he has even donned an NFL uniform. You know what probably would not help that perception? A custom gold iPhone.

See below.

This is not the first ridiculous item for Manziel, and it surely will not be the last. If nothing else, it will always be interesting and it will always garner significant reactions…especially once he actually has an NFL contract.

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