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Photo: Johnny Manziel's draft card

I sincerely wonder if you could find me a single person, let alone the commissioner of the National Football League, who was even the slightest bit uncertain how to pronounce Johnny Manziel’s names. Sure, that “i” in his last name might cause some confusion initially, but only before his name was spoken approximately five billion times on Sportscenter the last couple years.

But hey, you can never be too careful, especially when the draft has become a hyped national TV event. With that in mind, I present to you the draft card that Roger Goodell used to announce the selection of Johnny Manziel by the Cleveland Browns (courtesy of @darrenrovell):

Like “yell.”

This might be my favorite thing about the NFL Draft so far.

Joking aside, it is interesting to get a glimpse of this card to have a general sense of things. The moment that players hear their name called is one they should cherish forever. It is only fair that Goodell and the people behind the scenes put in the effort to make sure that the players’ names are pronounced correctly.

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