WIC Live, First of His Name recap: Can Cersei Influence the Judges?

Game of Thrones, First of His Name: Can Cersei Influence the Judges? by Winter Is Coming

Of all the characters we saw in action this past week on Game of Thrones, Cersei may have been the most busy. While she wasn’t fighting off anyone at Craster’s Keep or revealing her devious intentions, she was being the same old manipulative Cersei that we’ve come to know.

Not only does she want Tyrion as dead as Joffrey is, but she is trying to influence the judges in his trial so that the outcome she desires is the outcome reached. It’s not as easy as she thought it would be though as even her own father is keen to her manipulative ways.

So can Cersei manipulate and influence the judges into ruling in favor of death for Tyrion? Join WIC Live’s Adam Rady, Jessica Kinney and Tybee Diskin as they discuss what could happen next in the latest edition of WIC Live.

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