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WIC Live First of His Name recap: How Powerful are Lysa and Littlefinger?


This past week saw another great episode of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones but once again we saw more questions raised than answers given.

With Littlefinger revealing that he has been the architect of virtually every major event we’ve seen on the show, the question becomes whether or not he can sustain his ascent up the ranks of power or if something will eventually catch up with him. Also, we want to know just how stable Lysa is and if she will be able to keep it together long enough for Petyr to take everything for himself.

Join WIC Live’s Adam Rady, Jessica Kinney and Tybee Diskin as they discuss just how powerful Littlefinger truly is and what his potential is at this point. Check out what our panel of Game of Thrones experts have to say after the jump!

Game of Thrones, First of His Name: How Powerful are Lysa and Littlefinger? by Winter Is Coming

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