OnePlus One, an alternative Android phone

While many consumers are starting to look for other options outside of the Samsung Galaxy S5 or the HTC One, the market hasn’t really been open to providing competition, until now.  Many are not yet ready to jump ship to the Apple iPhone, and thanks to the OnePlus One they now may not have to.

The new Android phone that comes with CyanogenMod already installed on the device, is now starting to unveil some of its features.  Thanks to a new video by Marques Brownlee, consumers get an in-depth look at what the OnePlus One offers.

Some features of note are the advanced Android camera now allowing for easier panoramic photo options, filters, and video features.  Also, thanks to the Screencast app, everything on the OnePlus One is recorded, allowing for sharing and demonstrations to take place with ease.  The OnePlus One also touts customization features galore and will adapt to be the phone each individual consumer wants it to be.

So Android fans, does this get you excited about having some competition in the market?



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  • azzy

    No I don’t think so. I think you should had checked once HTC m8. Then you will never say this. I mean maybe it’s an amazing phone if you compare with some that falls in same category but you can’t do it with all.

    • Rick the Fanboy Killer.

      The only major differences between this phone and the HTC One is the price and HTC uses Sense and the OPO uses cyanogen mod which is an opinion. Most users will prefer Cyanogen mod.

      • azzy

        I do think there is much more difference than that. Also, It is not just about the android. HTC M8 upgraded it self to something much more better than all others. Even their own M7 was not so appealing as M8 is. Only the feel of touching on screen is so much different. If i might compare Oneplus with Nexus 5 i will do say that it is maybe better than Nexus. But doing so with M8 i don’t think that they both can be competed. Another point of view is the more rapidly anything went up or gain popularity the more rapidly it falls.