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Apr 26, 2014; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Philadelphia Phillies third baseman Freddy Galvis (13) bats against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field. The Phillies won 6-5. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Phillies send Freddy Galvis and his .048 average to the minors


It’s been a pretty tough year for Phillies infielder Freddy Galvis. It just got a little tougher with the news that Galvis has been sent down to AAA by Philadelphia.

Galvis’ season was derailed during spring training when he came down with an MRSA infection in his leg. Since returning, Galvis has been just miserable, posting a slash line of .048/.109/.156 in 46 plate appearances.

Ryne Sandberg, who at one time tabbed Galvis as the starting shortstop (though that was probably just to send a message to Jimmy Rollins), says Freddy just needs to regroup.

“He needs to go and play and get at-bats and just gather himself a little bit,” Sandberg said per The Good Phight. “He might have been rushed up here a little bit with not having spring training.”

So to recap the season for Freddy Galvis:

Innocently finds himself in the middle of a scrap between a star player and a manager.

Has his leg almost fall off after somehow contracting a zombie infection.

Fights back to the big league team only to hit .048.

Gets sent to AAA.

It can only get better from here. Well actually it can still get way worse but, positive thoughts Freddy.

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