WWE Superstar Big E. makes his debut by taking out John Cena. Photo Credit: WWE.com

John Cena wanting to work with Big E?

WWE Superstar Big E. was defeated by Bad News Barrett at Extreme Rules for the Intercontinental Championship. Now that his title reign is over with the I.C. title, what is next for Big E.?

It appears that Bad News will be taking a baby face approach, which could result in Big E. turning heel. This could get him into the WWE World Heavyweight Championship picture if he goes this route but I’m sure he would have to go through one man before he gets that opportunity. That man happens to be John Cena.

Daniel Bryan defeated John Cena last year at WWE SummerSlam – the night this whole Authority angle came to life. So Cena is going to eventually want another championship match after Kane is out of the way.

Now according to NoDQ.com, there are reports that John Cena wants to work with Big E. sometime this year. The former Intercontinental Champion made his WWE debut by attacking John Cena who was competing in a match against Dolph Ziggler.

I wouldn’t necessarily mind both Big E. and John Cena going against each other for a series of matches. It could be a feud that lasts for awhile. Both of these men are freakishly strong so it’s an even match up.

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