Battlefield Friend's The Noob.

Battlefield Friends season four premiere (Video)

If you’re familiar with Battlefield and YouTube, then you’re familiar with Battlefield Friend’s.

A YouTube animation series that is written and directed by Hank and Jed. It stars the voices of YouTuber’s Brent Triplett, Tony Schnur, Nate Panning, Jon Etheridge and Bryan Mahoney.

You have ‘The Noob’ as the main protagonist in the series who is voiced by Brent Triplett. The Noob starts off as an inexperienced player who gets teamed up with veterans who end up putting up with his shenanigans. Tony Schnur plays ‘The Sniper’, Nate Panning plays ‘The Medic’, while Jon Etheridge plays ‘The Engineer’.

This series if obviously popular with those who are big into the Battlefield video game. The first episode of season four was finally released today. The episode points out all of the bugs that Battlefield 4 has and is yet to fix. There has been a lot of problems with this game, which is a main reason why I haven’t played in awhile.

We see the return of all four main characters and a special appearance by ‘Simon’. A character that has shown his face in a couple of episodes. Now here’s the season four premiere of Battlefield Friend’s brought to us by HappyHour’s YouTube channel:

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