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Reds announcer Marty Brennaman flips the bird (GIF)


Marty Brennaman was getting ridden hard by another announcing crew in the booth Saturday night and showed his dissatisfaction.

Unfortunately Brennaman’s gesture was caught on camera.


marty brennaman bird flip


Or should I say fortunately it was caught on camera.

It’s unfortunate for Marty, who probably doesn’t want that kind of thing getting on the air. But it’s fortunate for us because it’s funny watching Marty Brennaman flip the bird.

Pretty much any time you combine old men with bird flipping, it is hilarious. Bud Adams anyone?

Marty probably does need to calm down though. Those guys were just messing. No need to be flinging obscene gestures around the booth.

You don’t see Vin Scully acting like that do you? I mean maybe he does flip birds all the time but you don’t see it.

Vin saves the birds for when he’s off camera. He probably throws them two-handed when he’s just chilling at the crib with the grandkids.

Now I’m picturing Vin Scully flipping off his grandkids. It’s a great day.

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