Canceled Community unlikely to be revived elsewhere

Promo Poster for the series "Community." Photo Credit: NBC

Promo Poster for the series “Community.”
Photo Credit: NBC


Fans of Community just don’t want to give up on it. Even before the show was officially axed by NBC, speculation was running wild about the potential for reviving the beloved cult comedy on another outlet, possibly the NBC-owned Hulu.

But it appears those dreams are not very realistic. Deadline reports that Community is unlikely to be picked up by another network, company or other entity, television-based, web-based or otherwise.

In other words, Community is totally, completely, forever and ever and ever dead.

Almost certainly.

But as long as there’s that thin sliver of hope, fans will continue wishing for the show to have that sixth season, and then that movie.

All those years of hashtagging were for nothing???

Deadline does offer a tiny nugget for the wishful Community fan, saying there has been “interest” from at least one “suitor.” So that means there’s a chance?

I guess there’s always a chance. But as a Community fan who checked out on the show emotionally after Dan Harmon was fired prior to season 4 and never really totally checked back in even after he returned, let me ask the question:

Why does it matter?

There are other shows to fall in love with. Like, for instance, Dan Harmon’s other masterpiece Rick and Morty.

It’s not like Dan Harmon died, taking his capacity for genius humor with him. He’s just channeling that genius through another medium, the medium of insane sci-fi stoner animation.

And that may be a better venue for him, when all is said and done.

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