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Gmail about to change?

Could Google be looking at a massive overhaul of their email service Gmail?  Thanks to some leaked screenshots, this appears to be the case.

The pictures, which were first published on Geek, show off a handful of new features.  At this point though, they have yet to be verified.

The new features coincide with those reportedly in development for the new Gmail app.  A pin feature would allow users to highlight individual emails at the top of their inbox, replacing the current “star” feature.

The other notable change is how the menu layout is done on the left side of the screen.  New categories appear and look strikingly similar to the rollout of the new interface Google recently did for YouTube.  There is also a Hangout feature that is prominent, as Google continues to strive towards connectivity with others.


The screenshots also include a look at the new functions.  These seem to allow users to create emails, to do lists, or reminders in a more efficient fashion.


While there has not yet been any validation from Google in reference to the screenshots, it stands to reason that the company would not work on such a large update if they didn’t have intentions of rolling out the new features.  It does look as if we could be seeing new features to the email service sooner rather than later.

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