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John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt in 'Last Man Standing' match set for WWE Payback

We all knew coming into RAW on Monday night that the feud between John Cena and Bray Wyatt would be continuing into the upcoming WWE Payback event on June 1, and on the show Monday, we learned that this time it will be in a ‘Last Man Standing’ match, which should end up being the payoff to the entire thing.

Wyatt was actually the one that challenged Cena to the match in a promo prior to the main event on RAW. Wyatt referenced Cena’s promo from last week where he said that he will never give up and always stand tall, which was the perfect lead-in for Wyatt to give the challenge.

This will be the rubber match between the two. Shockingly to many, Cena got the initial win in the feud at WrestleMania in clean fashion, yet they decided to keep the program going. Earlier this month at Extreme Rules, Wyatt got his win over Cena in a steel cage match following the diatraction from the young choir child that creeped Cena out.

As for who gets the victory in this final showdown at Payback, that’s up in the air. For the progression of Wyatt, giving him the win would make sense, although putting Cena is a Last Man Standing match is built for his reputation.

Either way, we’ll more than likely see the last bout between these two on June 1 in Chicago.


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