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Everth Cabrera robs Billy Hamilton with barehanded play (GIF)

It is not very often that speedy Cincinnati Reds outfielder Billy Hamilton will be thrown out at first on a squib ground ball like this one. Then again, it is not very often that the opposing shortstop has the cannon of an arm that Everth Cabrera possesses.

There will be easier plays than this one that lead to Hamilton standing on first base, but in this case, he had to go back to the dugout after a slow grounder that he surely thought he would beat out.


With the combination of quickness to get to that ball, the soft hands to pick it barehanded, and the arm strength to get Hamilton, that is one of the finest plays you will see from a shortstop. And considering the issues the Padres are having on offense, they will need a lot more run prevention with solid pitching and plays like this one if they want to win more games.

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