NBA Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers not interested in Mike D'Antoni

The Cleveland Cavaliers are in need of a new head coach but they’re going to be doing they due diligence before hiring Mike Brown’ successor. The list of names the Cavaliers are looking into isn’t long at the moment but there are a few notable names not under consideration.

According to the Akron Beacon Journal, former Los Angeles Lakers head coach Mike D’Antoni isn’t under consideration for the head coaching gig in Cleveland, despite rumors that he may be on the list.

Per the Akron Beacon Journal:

One name omitted from the list of candidates is Mike D’Antoni, who spent five seasons in charge of the Suns while Griffin worked in the front office. D’Antoni, however, is not considered a strong candidate in this coaching search.

D’Antoni isn’t the worst option in the world, and he has ties with new Cavaliers general manager David Grant, but it may be some time before we circle back to his name. There seems to be a perception that D’Antoni simply got lucky in Phoenix and the success of the team had more to do with talent than his direction of that talent.

No matter what the perception of D’Antoni is, the Cavaliers job doesn’t seem to be in his immediate future.

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