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NFL Draft, Game of Thrones Hold the Top Spots in the Ratings This Week

A good portion of the Top 10 in the Cable Viewership this week was monopolized by the NBA Playoffs. Unfortunately for them, they just couldn’t seem to crack the top two slots. That honor would go to the NFL Draft and the hit HBO Original Series Game of Thrones.

On Thursday night, fans watched as all the best college athletes gathered in hopes of being selected to join the ranks of the National Football League next season. The NFL Draft aired between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 11:49 p.m. drawing a record high 9.943 million viewers.

It is no surprise, at least not to those of us who watch the show religiously, that the hit HBO Original Series Game of Thrones came in the second position this week. This was the top scripted program of the week. The series, which seems to get better with each and every episode, aired between the hours of 9:03 p.m. and 9:52 p.m. where it brought in 6.399 million viewers.

While the series has never had issues holding a captive audience, I think it is safe to say that viewership has maintained a steady pace ever since the events that transpired in the Purple Wedding episode. People should really reconsider getting married on that show. It never seems to work out quite the way they plan.

The NBA Playoffs dominated the third through eighth positions, pulling in a combined total of 30.32 million viewers. Occupying the final two spots in the Top 10 were the final two hours of WWE Monday Night Raw on the USA Network. The final hour brought in 4.451 million viewers where the second hour drew 4.414 million viewers.

I wouldn’t expect much of a shift in the ratings until the conclusion of the NBA Playoffs and the Season Finale of Game of Thrones, which is only four more episodes away. Viewers should probably start preparing for withdrawals now. It is certain going to be a long off-season.


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