Incredible trampoline backflip dunk (Video)

From the casual to the most hardcore basketball fan, everyone loves a great dunk. Over the years the dunks in the NBA have become more and more advanced. At one point this season, Paul George actually attempted and completed a 360 windmill dunk in a game.

While the dunk you are about to see was not in a real game, and needs a trampoline to be pulled off, I guarantee it is unlike anything you have ever seen.

At a recent NBA 3x streetball event in Spain, a team called the Lords of Gravity pulled off an incredible back flip dunk. The actual dunker in the video below is Botond Dajka.

Well that is jaw dropping to say the least. Dajka uses the trampoline to jump over the hoop, then uses the rim as a stepping stone before backflipping off the backboard to dunk it.

Could you imagine if trampolines were allowed in the NBA dunk contest? Could you imagine if this dunk was pulled off in an NBA dunk contest?

What were your thoughts on the dunk? Were you impressed? Is is the greatest dunk you have ever seen? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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