Who had the better Batman suit: Affleck or Bale? [Poll]

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Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ll know that the costume for Ben Affleck’s Batman character has been revealed. And of course, upon revealing, the masses have gone on to compare it to the likes of Christian Bale’s costume in the Dark Knight trilogy.

Regardless of what Zack Snyder does, his work will be compared to that of Christopher Nolan as many place the Dark Knight series as the best movie trilogy to exist and “The Dark Knight” as the superior comic book film. But in the costume, there’s no true comparison to make outside of which you like better and with the new costume released, we’ve found a picture that places the new and old costume side-by-side:

Twitter account @SuperHeroReport makes a great point when comparing the two characters’ costumes:

Since release, the consensus of Affleck’s costume has been more positive than negative, which is a good thing as Snyder tries his best to integrate the caped crusader into the next “Man of Steel” film. Personally, I find the new change welcoming. Recreating the previous film would’ve been a stale direction to head in and with a new cast and crew on the movie, a new suit was in order. The huge bat across the chest is an excellent feature. The ears and Affleck’s size will draw humor from many, but they’re nice touches.

Here is another image of Affleck’s suit, this time in color.

So we ask you all, which outfit do you like best based on the above image: Affleck’s or Bale’s?

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