Wolfenstein: The New Order deserves second playthrough

The creative director for Wolfenstein: The New Order, who is Jens Matthies believes the game should be played more than once.

The reason for this is to experience an alternate timeline.

Matthies, recently spoke in a Reddit AMA session, and said during the early stages of the game, players will have a choice to make, that will change the vibe of the story by introducing an alternate timeline.

“This game is exclusive single-player, but we’ve built in lots of replay value,” he said. “Most notably is that the player makes a choice early on the outcome of which opens up an alternate timeline which changes the vibe of the story. It’s recommended to do a second playthrough and see what would have happened if you chose differently.

He also said that if players prefer to collect everything and do some exploring, the core game will last around 20 hours.

“I think a single playthrough could end up close to 20 hours,” Matthies said. “But there’s also lots of incentive to make a second playthrough, especially to explore the alternate time line.”

Wolfenstein: The New Order launches on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One in North America on May 20.

You can leave a comment below with your thoughts on Wolfenstein: The New Order having this feature and if more games should have this implemented.

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