Report: 'Flappy Bird' to return in August

Your favorite mobile phone application you love to hate in Flappy Bird will be returning to app stores according to owner Dong Nguyen who spoke with CNBC, confirming the return:

Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen told CNBC’s Kelly Evans about the game’s return today, promising that the new version will have multiplayer, and that it “will be less addictive.” In March, he told reporters that he had removed the game because it was too addictive, though he was making upwards of $50,000 a day in ad revenue.

via Flappy Bird is coming back in August 

Flappy Bird’s reign came in a huge wave that took the world by storm. Frustrating users sessions by session, the addictive game in which users navigated a bird through pipes gained popularity as hearing about the app caused others to download it. But for some reason, Nguyen decided to pull the app from all available sources, causing a bit of a ruckus as fans who had yet to play the game missed out on a chance.

Since then the market place began to fill with fake copies of the game, revolving around notable figures such as Drake, Obama, etc.

Now, months after pulling the app, Flappy Bird is back with more functions that it originally started with. It’ll surely return back to the top of the charts and the world will continue to remain frustrated with the game we can’t stop playing, no matter how difficult and time consuming it is.

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