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Running iOS apps on Android devices now possible?

Though Android and iOS devices compete alongside each other in the same technology space, there will always be those clamoring for cross compatibility from the two technologies.  Thanks to a handful of students at Columbia University, that may become a possibility.

The Department of Computer Science at Columbia University has developed Cider, a compatibility architecture that allows Android devices to use iOS apps.  While the project is far from being finished, it is an interesting concept.  At this time, Cider doesn’t have the functionality for all iOS apps, namely those requiring extra authentication or GPS/Bluetooth functionality.

If the project continues to evolve and grow to a larger extent, it could draw iOS users to Android devices and still allow for past iOS purchases to be accessible.  At this point, Cider is not available on the market, and while no plans are in place to make it commercially available, only time will tell how the evolution of the software takes place.

In the meantime, check out the demo of Cider and let us know what you think.


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