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ACC to utilize 30-second shot clock in exhibition games

In the world of basketball, there is a never-ending discussion between fans of college basketball and the NBA as to what is the more entertaining product. In recent years, however, momentum has swung in one defined area, and that is that college basketball’s use of the 35-second shot clock has become outdated. With that in mind, the Atlantic Coast Conference has reportedly stepped up to the plate to try something new by experimenting with a 30-second shot clock in exhibition play for next season.

Here is the latest from a report via Andrea Adelson of ESPN:

“Our coaches and ADs both felt it would be an enhancement to the game in today’s world,” Swofford said. “It adds more possessions and potentially would speed up the game.”

Swofford said league coaches submitted the proposal to the athletic directors during the spring meetings, and the athletic directors embraced the idea. The ACC would give its feedback on the use of the 30-second shot clock to the men’s basketball rules committee.

It is very ironic that the league who played at the slowest pace among the “major conferences” last season would be the one to make this proposed switch, but I am glad to see the ACC at the forefront here. Women’s college basketball is already utilizing the 30-second clock, and the difference between the tempo in the NBA (and their 24-second clock) versus college hoops is night and day at this point.

Whether or not this move takes effect in any “real” games in the near future is up for debate, but this is a giant step toward helping the college game increase its entertainment value.

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