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C.J. Watson finishes in traffic for the Pacers (GIF)

On any given night during these NBA playoffs it has been unclear which version of the Indiana Pacers is going to show up: will it be the team that plays basketball at a high level or will it be the barely competent team that has been blown out multiple times as the number one seed in the conference?

In order for them to play the kind of all-around game required to finish off the Washington Wizards and advance to the Eastern Conference finals, the Pacers will need contributions up and down the roster. That made this scoop layup from C.J. Watson a welcome sight as they tried to stretch out an early first half lead.


When you take a moment to consider that the Pacers might still end up in the conference finals, it is amazing to think of some of the down moments that they have overcome. That would include their game five loss at home to the Wizards. If they do manage to close out a game six victory and advance, the confusing story of their playoff run will continue.

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